Whether your students are below, on, or above grade level, Exact Path makes learning personal by leveraging diagnostic assessment data to personalize instruction and promote growth for each and every student.

Assessment results, such as those from NWEA MAP can be imported into Exact Path to generate a personalized learning pathway for each student. The results are automatically analysed, allowing to see growth, track real-time progress and provide intervention support where required.

Key Benefits


Time-Saving Tools – Personalizing instruction and setting assignments are easy with grouping tools to help inform decisions, and digital assignments.
Clear Data Visualization – Identify skills gaps at a glance and see how your students are progressing in real time with our color-coded Knowledge Map.
Powerful Reporting – Analyze growth, progress, and usage by drilling into reports at group, school, class or individual student


Personalized Learning Experience – Engage your students with automatic remediation via animated, interactive tutorials.
Competency-Based Curriculum – Our learning sequence has been designed to maximize student mastery and growth by presenting skills in a proven, effective order. and to support personalized learning.
Progress Checks – Every four skills, a Progress Check is used to adapt a student’s learning path, and reward them with mastery trophies.

Series Highlights