English Attack motivates and engages students with exercises based on short video clips from current films and television series and with television news reports, the largest collection of online thematic visual dictionaries, and a range of interactive learning games.

Used in over 2,500 schools around the world, English Attack is fully complementary to teacher-led classroom teaching and can be used either in teacher-driven mode or in autonomous learner mode. New learning units are published weekly, constituting a constantly growing catalogue of exercises spanning CEFR difficulty levels A2 to C1. Both teachers and students can navigate the more than 1,300 Video Boosters by CEFR language level, grammar rule, video genre

Key Benefits


  1. Teachers benefit from more motivated, more engaged students thanks to English Attack’s focus on current, authentic content.
  2. A highly intuitive user interface enables teachers to easily organize students into classes or groups, create assignments, monitor assignment compliance, and generate reports on assignment results and usage statistics.
  3. Short exercise formats taking 15 minutes to complete on any connected device result in higher learning frequency by students and facilitate homework completion.
  4. Video-based CEFR level assessment tests allow teachers to quickly establish initial proficiency levels and measure progress throughout the school year.



  1. An online EFL resource created specifically for learners.
  2. Learning with authentic content – from the latest Hollywood films to British television series to Australian or Canadian television news reports.
  3. Students are exposed to English as it is actually and currently spoken in real life around the world across a variety of accents, language forms, usages and language situations.
  4. Range of content immerses students in different anglophone cultures while developing their language skills.
  5. New learning units are published every week – there is always something new to do and learn.

Series Highlights

When students are emotionally engaged with the subject being taught, they learn and retain much more than when the subject matter feels distant or irrelevant to them. By using only authentic materials – clips from current films, TV series, and television news reports – English Attack reflects the everyday interests and concerns of students, thus achieving a high degree of learner engagement and therefore, when used in parallel to other teaching materials and approaches, greater language learning effectiveness.

Furthermore, to really learn or make progress in a foreign language, instruction is not enough. Learners must have regular exposure to the foreign language as it is actually used and spoken in real life; they must experience it in different contexts; and they must gradually build up not only their vocabulary and command of grammar and usage, but also their confidence in the language. This can only be achieved through diversity of input; frequency of exposure; and persistence of effort. English Attack is designed precisely along these pedagogical principles:

Diversity of input
The more than 1,300 video-based learning units (called Video Boosters) are drawn from a wide range of entertainment and factual sources. The platform also features the world’s largest online collection of thematic visual dictionaries (called Photo Vocabs). The interactive practice games on the platform are dynamically driven by the key content in each learning

Frequency of exposure

Each learning unit on English Attack can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes – including the practice games at the end of the units – on any connected device. Thus, learners can complete homework assignments – or simply have an interesting, immersive English language learning experience – whenever they have a little time, be it during a lunch break, on their commute to or from school, or when at home.

Persistence of effort

The gamified English Attack motivational ecosystem rewards effort. Learners gain points – called English Boosts – by going back and improving their scores on previously played learning units. Personalized learning dashboards for both vocabulary and grammar allow learners to track and review content they have previously seen in the learning units, allowing optimal retention of learned content.

Optimized for teachers and school administrators

In addition to the highly intuitive teacher tools, usage statistics at the school and school group level can be generated across all users. Large-scale creation and authentication of user accounts – as well as the assigning of students to specific teachers in specific classes – can be easily automated through Single Sign-on (SSO) integration with the school’s Student Information System.

Proven in secondary schools around the world since 2012

From its introduction in 2012, English Attack – today used in over 2,500 schools and other educational establishments around the world – has gained recognition as an engaging and effective resource complementary to textbooks and teacher-led classroom instruction. The resource was specifically cited as an example of innovative language- learning pedagogy in the official report of September 2018 on effective language teaching commissioned by the French