CodeMonkey is a leading, fun and intuitive curriculum for kids to learn coding. Through game-based and project-based courses, students as young as 7 use text-based programming to solve puzzles and build their own games and apps. CodeMonkey does not require prior coding experience to teach and is designed for school, extracurricular and home-use.

In addition to computational thinking and programming skills, CodeMonkey fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving, planning and mathematical thinking. Through CodeMonkey, students become equipped with the tools and confidence they need to then go on to learn more programming languages, build websites, games, apps and more.

Key Benefits


Teachers are not required to have any programming experience. Through our short virtual or in-person training they get everything needed to start using CodeMonkey in class. The product includes a curriculum guide and detailed lesson plans. Teachers also have exclusive access to a dashboard where they can track student progress and achievements and display different students’ solutions to the entire class for discussion.


CodeMonkey starts with a linear pathway of challenges. Each solution is checked and graded automatically, and the students get personalized instructions and hints that help them advance at a pace that’s right for them. With CodeMonkey, students apply their newly acquired skills by creating their own challenges for others to solve, empowering learners as teachers and vice versa. Further along the CodeMonkey program, the students advance to create and publish their own games and applications – thus becoming real world software developers.

Series Highlights