At Alpha Publishing we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to education.

The individual learner is at the heart of our entire US K-12 range, and we are committed to providing world class, imaginative and fun content to students and teachers in private and public school, educational institutions and organizations across Asia.

Our learning materials move towards the creation of an online ‘turnkey’ solution, connecting the student and teacher long after the home-time bell has sounded.

Key Benefits


The Teacher Resource sections outline all Student Books and Differentiated Practice Books, including Assessments, ELL references and the use of on-line resources.


  1. Scaffolded Practical Guide
  2. Daily teaching guide, with detailed Scope and Sequence
  3. Yearly plan and Materials list
  4. Anchor, Exit and Multiple Intelligence Activities



All the student books, whether in Alpha Math or Alpha Science are informative, highly relevant and designed to allow the student to maximize their potential for learning. Aligned with CCSS, or NGSS and STEAM each textbook contains clearly structured chapters to allow student’s to follow each lesson with ease.

Series Highlights

Alpha Math Grades K-8 is fully aligned with the CCSS and provides a wide range of exercises and practices that gradually increase in complexity.

Each grade has a unique student-friendly theme that flows throughout the program, with fun math rhymes in the lower grade, and in the higher grade (GR 1-8) each chapter begins with the standards that will be covered, helping students understand their learning objectives.

Alpha Math covers:

  1. Grades KG1 & KG2
  2. Grades 1–5
  3. Grades 6–8

Alpha Science Grades 1-8 is fully aligned with the NGSS and encourages students to listen to their natural curiosity and search for answers to their questions.

Through student-driven practice, teachers can encourage students to drive the classroom learning experience. The framework of Alpha Science is built on performance expectations and the
three-dimensional learning approach of the NGSS.

  1. Each lesson is based on the 5E instructional model.
  2. Alpha Science integrates Mathematics and Language Arts into science education.
  3. End of Chapter hands-on STEAM Projects.

Alpha Science, Grades 1–5

  1. Science & Technology
  2. Life Science
  3. Earth and Space Science
  4. Physical Science Alpha Science, Grades 6–8
  5. Integrated

eAlpha connects students and teachers, offering them a
collaborative, interactive, and mobile teaming environment
that impacts every aspect of education.

Features and benefits include:

  1. Easy to use and intuitive eLearning platform.
  2. An engaging classroom environment with inclusion of tools to add and record student response to content, supported by a real-time poll feature.
  3. Ability to connect students and teachers using Windows,Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with various screen resolutions.
  4. Ability to import, edit and use the content created in the instructor content creation tool.
  5. Access to ExamView – the test generator and assessment tool
  6. Intuitive assignment functionality with full capabilities for reporting and monitoring.
  7. A complete synchronization of results online and offline.