Universal Education offers 100% live online accredited courses to students anywhere in the world. By combining our interactive online classroom and experienced teachers, we deliver a high quality academic environment that maximizes learning outcomes. Every Universal Education teacher is a credentialed U.S. or U.K. teacher with a minimum of a Master’s Degree. We can offer both skills courses and courses that come with accredited transcripts and certifications from the world’s top institutions. We partner with schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, language centers, training centers, publishers, and companies. We have a highly adaptable partnership model that can be adjusted to any budget, schedule, or academic requirement.

Key Benefits

Administrators and Teachers

With the rapid emergence of new curriculum it may be difficult for institutions to offer every course within the categories of STEM, Humanities, Social Studies and Electives. Depending on local constraints, including faculty, facilities and curriculum, Universal Education is here to help! We work with schools offering supplemental live online courses that compliment their existing curriculum. Our courses are fully customizabable and can be started any time of the year. We have an extensive support system with our courses that provides local teachers and administrators with detailed reports to stay continuously updated on each


Every student learns differently. At Universal Education we believe the most important part of the learning process is a teacher guiding students through a course, focusing on inquiry- and discussion-based learning. For ESL / EFL students in particular it is important to receive full support while learning English-based subjects and curriculum. Unlike other online learning solutions, we provide 100% live online courses, which means every class takes place face-to-face in our interactive classroom. We adjust teaching style and methodology based on the needs of the students. Our solutions provide the benefits of online learning without sacraficing the experience of in-person learning.

Series Highlights

We developed this product because nearly every institution around the world faces some form of resource constraint. Some examples are the following:


  • Schools do not have faculty to offer a certain course.
  • Desired courses do not fit into students’ schedules.
  • Students need credit recovery courses but do not want to be held back a semester or a year.
  • Schools want to offer concurrent enrollment courses so students can start earning university credit.
  • Schools would like to run test preparation programs (SAT/ACT, TOEFL/IELTS, etc.)


By eliminating dependence on geographic location with the flexibility of online learning our partner schools can offer any curriculum with top qualified teachers at any time. Our technology platform and LMS allows our partners to combine content from top publishers with expert teachers from around the world. You can even brand our platform with your own logo!

Universal Education provides a variety of courses, including:


  • Accredited courses: Primary, Middle and High School US curriculum courses, including AP, that come with an accredited transcript from a US institution. We can also provide full length courses for IB PYP, IB MYP, IB PD and Cambridge IGCSE courses.
  • Accredited University courses: with transcripts or a full diploma from premier US or UK universities.
  • Test Preparation: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, English language, SAT, SSAT, SAT Subject tests, AP exams, GRE/GMAT, Cambridge Curriculum (A-Levels), IB, LSAT, MCAT, CPA, CFA, Cambridge English Qualification, TOEIC.
  • Admissions and Career Advising:Receive feedback and advice from experts including former admissions officers. Prepare for High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development courses:designed for improving the skills necessary for career growth. These courses can come with a certificate from a premier US or UK University.
Courses are customizable for our partner institutions so that every aspect of the course fits their needs:


Class Size

  • One-on-One
  • Small Group
  • Large Lecture


  • Classes are scheduled according to the student’s availability
  • Or our partner’s academic schedule


  • In our partner’s facility
  • Students logging in


  • For tutoring and test prep, hours of class time are adjustable per student
  • For full courses duration of the course can be adjusted based on hours per week


  • Students can log in through any device
  • Classes can be take place in our partner’s facility simply by connecting a web camera and microphones in the classroom (see adjacent picture).