Based on Studycat’s award-winning Fun English app hosting over 7 million global users, Studycat has created Fun English for Schools – the ultimate blended learning solution for young learners, built to empower students, teachers, and parents through a comprehensive learning application connecting homes and schools.
Fun English for Schools is a three level course aligned to the Cambridge English Young Learners curriculum. The course teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing of 550 English words, hundreds of sentence patterns as well as the alphabet and phonics. Complementing our state-of-the-art app, available on all major platforms, is a mobile classroom management system and a full set of print materials including student books, activity books, teachers guides, worksheets and classroom flashcards.

Key Benefits


Fun English for Schools truly enables the flipped classroom, meaning teachers can channel their expertise into teaching the kids!
Teachers can easily set up and manage their classes from a PC or mobile device. They are then able to assign homework and monitor student progress in real-time.
Teachers can play all the learning activities from the student app on their interactive whiteboard in the classroom, facilitating class activities and group collaboration.
Teachers guides are provided for each level in both digital and print format.


Students are motivated to take control of their own learning through fun and challenging gameplay. Kids crave gamified learning and Studycat does not fall short on delivering what kids want in a way that motivates, empowers, advances learning and sets them up for success. Students are able to complete homework activities wherever they may be. Language is scaffolded and intermittently repeated through an engaging variety of content that is customized to each individual’s personal learning needs.  – Kids and parents can play fun educational games together –

Series Highlights

Learning Content


The app offers a rich variety of games, songs, and activities to engage and challenge learners. Used at home or in school, the app contains learning activities for each strand of the Fun English curriculum, from vocabulary and sentence games, to dialogues and grammar, alphabet, spelling and phonics games.

Classroom Management Dashboard


The dashboard gives teachers and parents real-time insight and supervision of student learning progress. Teachers can easily assign homework, monitor student progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of the whole class or each student individually. Parents can participate in their child’s learning by playing on the app with them, and they can see how many new words their child is learning, and how much time they are spending in the app.

Print Materials


The digital components are complemented by an 18 book series divided into 6 levels. One level covers a 20 week semester making the 6 levels a 3 year pre-school course consisting of:

  • Student Books
  • Activity Books
  • Teacher Books
  • Classroom Flashcards
  • Worksheets