“Emotional intelligence made fun”
A young mushroom named Mash and a wacky snail named Periwinkle will embark on a journey to save the forest from drought. Interactive animated episodes and minigames will accompany the children on an educational and stimulating adventure, full of fun. In fact, the game dynamics have been conceived to help kids to develop their interaction, recognition, and coordination skills based on their in-game performance, which results are shown to educators in a specific panel within the app.

The mission of Mash&Co Universe is to educate and entertain children in a conscious way, conveying values through positive communication, involving social and environmental issues. Creative writing and new technological tools underlie every narrative journey of this universe.

Key Benefits


Through the contents of Mash&Co, teachers and educators have the right solution available to help children cultivate their sense of discovery and critical thinking. In fact, within its contents, there are no voices or texts that could suggest the tasks to do. Instead, educators can use content to guide children to use their imagination to solve puzzles and move forward in history. Educators can also use the recorder function to register with students their voice on the interactive content, thus creating an emotional connection with children and become an integrated part of the interactive experience.



Mash&Co is designed for preschoolers from 3 to 6 years-old, and it empowers the little ones’ sense of discovery, empathy, also boosts their critical thinking, their logic skills, and their imagination. Under the guidance of teachers, children will learn to recognize colors, learning to combine them together, and to distinguish primary and secondary colors. Moreover, they will be able to discover the constellations, learning to recognize forms. They will understand the importance of nature and renewable energies, practising to recognize and memorize colorful animated objects.

Series Highlights

Our app contains cartoons, interactive cartoons and minigames about Mash and Periwinkle’s adventures, helping kids’ critical thinking and sense of discovery.


Kids from different countries can stay in one room and enjoy
Mash&Co contents without any language barrier.


Kids can create their version of the interactive cartoon; also, educator can register and tell their students Mash&Co stories.


As we create open-ended mini-games, we respect kids time, allowing them to discover the tasks and the story with their own

Mash&Co is a colorful and beautiful world where weird inventions, renewable energy, mushrooms, and much more are intertwined to give life to a transmedia adventure, teaching kids the different types of media and the proper use when they switch between cartoons and interactive contents from the same device.

Mash&Co creators conceived the concept by studying the evolution and the effects of new media in today’s learning process that features more and more engaging dynamics given by the interactivity.

The authors have been studying this evolution, and they come up with the idea of creating an app that combines entertainment and learning tools to give kids a uniquely engaging learning experience.