BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curricula delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day.

BSD’s programs of learning can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and deliver learning for technology courses, integrated to a range of topics in traditional subjects, and for after school courses or holiday camps.

Key Benefits


• Are able to challenge students to investigate how their community, society and different industries are impacted by technology.

• Receive resources to teach fundamental principles and processes of computational thinking, design thinking, and user experience design.

• Are provided ready-to-use teaching materials such as lesson plans, slides, activities, worksheets, and rubric.

• Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.


• Learn essential coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

• Apply their understanding through research, planning, prototyping and creating solutions using technical skills and concepts.

• Leverage technology to actively design, with solving, collaborating and communicating as part of the process.

• Develop the crucial 21st Century skills.

• Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.

Series Highlights


Subject integrated curriculum to infuse digital skills learning into any subject at school

The TechConnected program integrates technology learning to traditional subjects.Through a guided project, students reinforce learning of topics in traditional subjects, while experiencing technology concepts that enhance the context of learning with real world scenarios.


Fun technology education projects catering to students’ interests for after school, during discovery weeks and holiday camps

The TechNovators program encourages students to explore technology during out-of-school time. It includes more than 100 projects to understand, learn and apply text-based coding, Scratch, robotics with hardware and LEGO Mindstorms, game development, design and more. With a modular structure, schools are able to decide course duration and implement on a flexible schedule.


Digital skills program for career readiness

The TechFuture program prepares students in their last few years of school with real-world digital skills they can use in the workplace, including programming, user experience design, data interpretation and digital marketing. The program has 60 hours of learning made up from 5 x 12 hours units, with the option to add a 6-hour foundational course for introductory skills where required.


Technology learning program enhancing existing technology or computer classes

The TechReady program takes students on a progression of learning to apply their digital skills to solve real-world problems. Deeply connected with computing, digital citizenship, and cross-curricular learning opportunities, it includes 6 courses in various fields of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and App Development. One course contains 3 units with 20 hours each and is always finished with a capstone project to make sure students are able to apply what they’ve learned.