Achieve3000® believes literacy is the key to unlocking student success. Since 2001, we have partnered with schools and districts to accelerate literacy growth for all students with our platform for differentiated literacy instruction. Achieve3000 ACCESS delivers a powerful combination of differentiated content, instructional supports, and linguistic and learning scaffolds to meet the needs of emerging, developing, and long-term English language learners (ELs) and their teachers.

ACCESS helps students in grade 2-12 build knowledge and vocabulary while developing reading proficiency through scaffolded, sequenced, and supported instruction anytime,

Key Benefits


The Reading Skills Report is a performance report for ACCESS educators that shows each student’s mastery of 13 essential reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, and helps teachers to:

•Identify how students are performing based on embedded ongoing assessment
•Assign additional practice lessons from the report
•Spot class performance trends
•Target instruction by differentiating small-group and one-on-one lessons using the provided instructional materials

We provide Targeted Teaching Supports with teacher recommendations, lesson plans, and on-demand professional learning tailored to the needs of EL programs.


Classroom-tested learning scaffolds are designed to close the skill gap and boost college and career readiness:

•Vocabulary and concept previews develop academic English proficiency
•Text-to-speech reading tool enables listening practice
•Sentence and paragraph frames help reluctant writers and encourages evidence-based writing
•Speech-to-text tool develops speaking skills

Series Highlights

Achieve3000’s ACCESS provides students with daily opportunities for academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening—the four domains of language acquisition. Starting with LevelSet™, a placement test available in English and Spanish, ACCESS establishes a baseline Lexile® reading level for every English language learner. The program then delivers the same grade-appropriate lesson to the entire class, differentiated to the precise needs of every student. All lessons incorporate exceptional linguistic scaffolds and supports, including a speech-to-text reader (with read-as-you-go highlighting), dictionary of core vocabulary terms and definitions, sight words, and conversational phrases that address the varying proficiency needs of students. Through targeted and differentiated instruction at their individual learning levels, ACCESS helps English learners build confidence, encourages them to continue learning, and empowers them to succeed.

Achieve3000 ACCESS accelerates language and literacy gains for all English language learners, from beginner to advanced, and prepares them for success across the entire curriculum. Students who use Achieve3000 ACCESS have realized accelerated literacy gains of double to triple what was expected.

Lexile growth for international students using the Achieve3000 platform with high fidelity.